Sunday Church School

Introducing our Virtual Sunday School Program
December 19, 2020
Dear St. Athanasius Parish Family,
Due to the increasing COVID-19 case numbers, we felt it best for everyone's safety to temporarily postpone all in-person Sunday School classes. Sunday School is an important ministry and we want to ensure that all of our children have an opportunity to continue learning about their faith. To that end, we are overjoyed to announce the start of our Virtual Sunday School Ministry! The development of this virtual format is an ongoing process; we will continue to refine and improve it with each passing week. 
How do I register my child for the virtual Sunday School program?
Registration is easy; just click this link HERE! 
What should I expect?
Once you register for the Sunday School virtual program, you will be added to its email list, so please be sure to provide an email address you check regularly. Each week, our Sunday School teachers will email a lesson plan and its associated activities, allowing you to create a Sunday School class from the comfort of your home! Additionally, Fr. Bob plans to host a weekly Zoom meeting with all of the children (parents are welcome as well!). We encourage all families to come to these sessions, as fostering a sense of community within the church is an important aspect of all children's spiritual growth and development. These meetings will also provide a platform for the children to have a show-and-tell with the projects they complete at home, to ask Fr. Bob questions, and to go over the lesson and important events in the church calendar!
All weekly lessons and activities will also be posted to the St. Athanasius the Great church Facebook Page, so if you don't already follow our page, click HERE to start!
What is this week's lesson (our first lesson)?
This time of the year is one of the most joyous in the church calendar as it marks the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, it is easy for our children to lose sight of the meaning of Christmas, instead focusing on gifts, gingerbread house making, and Santa Claus. Therefore, this Sunday's lesson will be on the Nativity Story and the three Wise Men!
Children will begin the lesson by watching an animated, 10-minute video depicting the story of Christ's birth. To begin the Nativity video, please click this link HERE.
Are there any other activities going on right now?
YES! We have a wonderful opportunity for you to be involved in a Sunday School Kalanda Compilation Video! 
One of our most wonderful parish traditions is to sing Christmas carols, including kalanda, following Vesperal Divine Liturgy on Christmas Eve. However, we know that this year is going to be a little different with many families unable to physically attend church given the ongoing pandemic. To make sure that no one misses out on this special tradition, we invite all of our Sunday School families to join in on the making of a Christmas Kalanda Video Compilation! 

Each family who signs up will be given one verse to sing from either "Joy to the World" or "Καλ?ν Εσπ?ραν". An individual child, a group of siblings, friends, or even an entire family can sing the verse; whichever way speaks to you the most. You only need two things to make your music video: a camera (smartphone, laptop, IPad, or tablet works) and a big smile!

All submissions will be compiled into a single video. The final music video will be sent to our St. Athanasius family to spread Christmas cheer, helping us to feel close even when far apart!
We thank you in advance for all of your patience and cooperation, and look forward to the beginning of the Virtual Sunday School Ministry!
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Robert Archon 
George Makredes, Sunday School Director


If you are considering joining the teaching staff, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact George Makredes at with any questions.